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Host a Summer-Themed Movie Marathon at The Vue Apartments

The Vue Apartments Blog, Fitchburg, WI  Celebrate the arrival of summer by hosting a summer themed movie night at your apartment. We have suggestions for what movies to watch.

The Vue Apartments Blog has everything you need to throw your own movie marathon sometime this month. Movie marathoning can be a lot of fun, invite your friends over for an evening of summer-themed movies. Be sure to provide snacks (toss some healthy snacks into the mix), drinks, and comfortable seating  We’ve put together a list of movies, covering several different genres, that are perfect for a weekend summer movie marathon.

Summer Camp


Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)

Ernest, a hapless counselor, takes a pack of delinquents under his wing and ends up saving the camp from destruction by an evil industrialist in the kind of fun that a camp movie is meant to have.


The Parent Trap (1961 and 1998)

Identical twin sisters are accidentally enrolled at the same summer camp and, after torturing each other, figure out that they’re sisters and scheme to get their parents back together.




What About Bob? (1991)

Bill Murray drives his psychiatrist, Richard Dreyfuss, crazy on his summer vacation, simply by taking the prescribed Baby Steps.  


Almost Famous  (2000)

One of the best films ever, in our opinion. High schooler William Miller lives every rock-obsessed kid's dream and gets to tour with up and coming rock band, Stillwater. (It starts in the school year, but finishes on the summer tour.)


Action & Drama


Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Think Groundhog Day meets Independence Day — an alien race is assaulting Earth. Major William Cage (Tom Hanks) finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loop-forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over.


12 Angry Men (1957 and 1997)

The jury box is a sweatbox, and eleven jurors have let the soaring temperature go to their heads. Thank goodness for juror number eight (Henry Fonda).


Of course if staying in your apartment watching movies isn’t your style, you can head out to your favorite Fitchburg, WI movie theater and catch what’s on the big screen. Movie Insider has the info on what’s currently in theaters and what’s coming up soon. We hope one way or another you enjoy a movie this month.